The introduction of self is like the content of a painting but the architecture of that content will destine the transfiguration for a greater self or most humble being due to the highest degree of gratitude.  

My Story

Walking in between worlds, swinging from one tongue to another, encountering mystified images of challenges, coming close to the very edge of cliffy momentums that fill your entity with life giving knowledge.

Born with the inclination of strong sensations of sound, color, touch, perception and creation. United with the desire for life incorporated in all living beings and counting their existence as a part of self.

Accepting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of mortal textures of self and embracing to live life to its fullness. Appreciating layers of different depths, heights and widths of beauty and authenticity in others.

Striving to reach boundaries until the realization that there are none. Imprinting wonders in the unique DNA of infinite possibilities. Everything that exist works in my service and I, the human, am the one who define them. And my name is JULIA.